EA says it made an "unfortunate mistake" by censoring Kaepernick's name from the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game.

It was recently found out that Madden NFL 19, that is available now for MUT 19 Coins and Origin Access subscribers before its public release, removed Colin Kaepernick's name inside the YG song "Big Bank" featured on the action's soundtrack. The line is supposed being "You boys all cap, I'm more Colin Kaepernick." However, his name was scrubbed in the verse sung by Big Sean, leading to an extremely strange edit that caught a person's eye of pre-release players.

EA has now explained so it was an "unfortunate mistake." According to EA, some of that developers didn't believe they the rights to Buy Madden 19 Coins  Kaepernick's name, so that is why it was censored out in the song. EA indeed doesn't have the rights to Kaepernick, as he isn't signed to the NFL roster, but it doesn't apply to your soundtrack.

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