Madden 19 NFL Playoffs Simulation: Seahawks vs. Cowboys 3

Wilson works his late-game magic and situations are tied at 31-31 visiting overtime. Unfortunately to the Cowboys, the Seahawks can easily win inside extra time with an industry goal, 34-31, to go on for the next round.

Both teams placed over 400 yards of total offense on Madden Overdrive Coins this scoring battle. Wilson goes 27-for-39 with 306 yards and three touchdowns, while Prescott (22-for-39) has 260 yards and four TDs. Elliott rushes for 154 yards without touchdowns along with a fumble, while Seattle’s Carson has 149 yards along with a touchdown from the win.

Based on these simulation results, it may be quite a fun filled first day of NFL Playoffs action!

See a greater portion of Madden NFL Overdrive Coins our latest news and knowledge about the Madden 19 game here.In addition, you will discover Bosses player cards with the Carolina Panthers’ Steve Smith and New England Patriots’ Willie McGinest. These are special NFL Playoffs edition stars. Each of this option brings a pleasant 97 rating and high-rated skills. Check out Smith’s card below with 90s skills overall.

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