Madden 19: Our Week 11 NFL simulation results 2

Suffice to convey it’s been an eventful year so far, and yes it’s only likely to ramp up from now until the end of December. After a week of blowouts plus a surprisingly entertaining contest on Monday, it’s time for MUT 19 Coins to fire the Madden simulation machine again to uncover who can come out ahead in Week 11.

Of course, we’re taking probably the most up-to-date rosters from EA and placing each team on All-Madden. Without further adieu, let’s begin!

First up undoubtedly are a pair of teams aiming to Buy Madden 19 Coins get extremely popular win column. The Panthers are looking to rebound on the long week after being thrashed through the Steelers a couple weeks ago. The Lions, meanwhile, continued to slip behind inside the NFC North race which has a loss to your Bears.

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