OK, he's already the next highest-rated QB inside the game at the 92, but the longer term Hall-of-Famer saw his rating drop a spot after Week 2. After a Week 3 performance that saw Brees complete 39 of 49 passes for three touchdowns to go in addition to Buy MUT 19 Coins two rushing scores, it would seem a 92 is usually a bit low.

Brees is actually leading the NFL in passing yards with 1,078 and that he's tied for second inside the league in passing touchdowns with 8–anf the husband still hasn't thrown an interception despite 129 pass attempts.

Like Brees, Mack is seen for an elite player in Madden 19. He is rated a 96 overall. As good as that may be, Mack's play through three games while using Chicago Bears continues to Madden 19 Coins be so good, it won't feel being a 96 is plenty. Quite honestly, Mack is playing such as a 99-overall rated player.

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