Is it even legal to produce a console and not using a new(ish) Ridge Racer plus the latest Madden? Publisher Electronic Arts isn't taking chances, and takes the PS3 field on the Madden Overdrive Coins for sale first day with Madden NFL 07... though 360 owners may suffer they've played this before.

That is practical, too: Madden NFL 07 is roughly 98% the same as this year's Xbox 360 footballer. The only real differences are a few Sixaxis control options and cool "gang tackles", which basically mean your defenders pile for the ball carrier better compared to what they did before. This similarity is both great but not so great. Sure, it's encouraging to see the PS3's first-generation launch titles look as well as their counterparts within the year-old 360. But that 360 version, while obviously gorgeous and smooth, actually threw in the Madden Overdrive Coins towel some important yards when compared with its current-gen teammates.

For example, don't search for an owner's mode here. There isn't one. You aren't building your stadium or picking out the price of tickets, so don't ask. The franchise mode may be severely gutted, so no owner's box, no emails from personnel, or Tony Bruno radio show. Also, several of the minigames are missing.

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