Madden 19 the way to lateral in madden 19 ps4 xbox one

To carry out a lateral pass in Madden 19, Sony PlayStation 4 gamers should press the L1 button. On the Xbox One controller, gamers should press LB. You’ll visit a line from a ball carrier on the nearest teammate you are able to lateral to. This will allow you to chuck the ball ball on the Madden Overdrive Coins teammate so that you can gain more yards. In some cases, you would possibly even attempt to explode downfield for getting that needed touchdown.

The lateral is one of the plays that is certainly rarely seen. It necessitates the risk of losing yards and even turning over the ball if something is smudged. However, if executed correctly, it simply might make an impact in getting an alternative win in Madden 19.

The first 10 seconds on the Madden NFL Overdrive Coins video below exhibits the New England Patriots’ Chris Hogan tossing a lateral to his teammate so that you can score a touchdown before halftime.

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