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Five days as soon as the fatal shooting with a Madden NFL 19 tournament at GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville, Florida, one with the survivors filed case against the overall game publisher, EA.

“Like a lot of his friends, Jacob Mitich traveled to Jacksonville last weekend to try and do what he loved. He trusted the presentation host and organizers, and believed which he was walking in to Buy Madden NFL Overdrive Coins a safe space," said Mitich's attorney James Young of Morgan & Morgan inside lawsuit (using the Hollywood Reporter). "That trust was shattered when shots rang out in the overcrowded, since-shut-down, non-permitted space. Combined by having an alleged abject failure to deliver adequate security, the effect was tragic. We are bringing this lawsuit to carry those responsible accountable, and also to ensure that gamers like Jake are in a position to get together to pursue their passion and never have to fear for his or her lives."

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