Madden NFL 10 review 2

In reality, though, Madden 10 isn’t far more than a costly roster update. What’s worse, the technical issues that have plagued the on-field action for many years remain on display. Our biggest complaint will be the jarring freeze that may place for the end of plays. Sometimes it’s a moment, maybe it’s long enough for making us worry that the overall game might have actually seized on Madden Overdrive Coins for sale us. By now, this should’ve been addressed – particularly when we’re charged the full $40.

Nagging issues aside, for one of the most part Madden remains a powerhouse of gridiron content, albeit one we’ve mostly seen and played before. We carry on and find ourselves amazed by little nuggets of awesome that surface with each game, for example tip-toe sideline catches and vicious, fumble-inducing hits. The new Fight for that Fumble minigame isn’t cheesy in any way, either, adding a nifty little button-masher on the Madden Overdrive Coins mix.

Even so, there aren’t many equations that end that has a “Yes” once the question is “Should I pick-up Madden 10 for that PS2?” Since it’s plain to find out that EA will continue to Move Forward within the next-generation front in the expense with the last one, you must too.

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