Microsoft is gearing up for

but with free-to-play models FIFA Coins being the new hotnesseven the EverQuest titles embraced itit's odd that Pantheon and its far-into-the-future release date is going to require it. Even The Elder Scrolls Online is taking a risk in launch with a required monthly fee so it'll be interesting if the player base supports it long-term.Do you think the market for fantasy MMOs is already too saturated or will you be stepping up to back Pantheon? Let us know in the comments. Pantheon:

Rise of the Fallen is aiming for trove how to get flux a 2017 release on PCs and Macs. If someone had told the gaming world that Microsoft would release a brand new Xbox console and the Halo series wouldn't even be a topic of conversation, it would have been nearly impossible to believe. But the Xbox One sits on store shelves, and little is known about Master Chief's next adventure.The surprise E3 trailer promised that Halo 5 was still in development, but an ongoing adjustment of 343 Industries'

highest ranks show that Microsoft is gearing up for much, much more than another video game.The developers have confirmed that Halo 5or whatever the game ends up being calledis still going to make its 2014 release, meaning Microsoft isn't taking too much time off from the franchise since acquiring the rights from Bungie. The studio that created the Halo series is preparing itself for the launch of Destiny, with 343 having largely proven that their assembled team can continue to carry

the banner.It was just days ago that Bungie's lead story and design director Joseph Staten confirmed he would be returning to Microsoft, leading many to believe that he was being recruited to help shape the next Halo title. But 343 maintained that he was set for more than game design, and a new set of promotions, reassignments and changing job titles show that he's not alone.The changes in job titles was confirmed by CVG, with former Creative Director of the series Eric Holmes shifting to

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