New Details Emerge for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 2

And if it wasn’t enough a list continues with in game marriage, new 8-man dungeons, the potential of adding unique skill based gear, Free Company basements/airships and a great deal more.

More details are going to Buy FFXIV Gil be announced through the next Live Letter and then there has be some strong hints towards more information on 2 new Jobs being announced with this years Fan Feast so a lot more.

If you desire to see the full translated interview click this link.Square Enix recently confirmed which the latest job to Final Fantasy XIV would be the Ninja accompanied with the Rogue class.No real specifics about how these new roles will function or how they is going to be unlocked, but players should expect the revolutionary class and job into the future with Final Fantasy 14 Gil patch 2.4.

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