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As with Nike Flyknit Air Max Womens UKminimalism, I¡¯m sure we will now start seeing scientists addressing the influence of this type of max-cushioned shoe on injury rates and form, though unfortunately the market will likely have moved on before any form of consensus forms (much as happened with minimalism ¨C there are still a ton of unanswered questions). My hope is that all options remain on the table, and I¡¯m confident that will be the case since even if the big manufactures ditch the barefoot or max-cushion concept (and stick to their safe-sells), niche brands will likely still cater to these markets.

I was very skeptical of this marketing approach since there was no physiological data available from actual runners to back up the claims based on mechanical testing. That data now appears to exist. In the June trnruk.uk2013 issue of Footwear Science is an abstract of a study titled ¡°Running shoe cushioning properties can influence oxygen consumption.¡± The study was carried out by a team from the University of Calgary headed by Jay Worobets.

I¡¯ve seen this transition very clearly in the growing popularity of shoes like those made by Hoka One One which combine a low drop sole with maximal amounts of cushioning.Two examples of this trend set to be released in early 2014 are the Altra Olympus and Brooks Transcend.

Yesterday Brooks unveiled a new shoe called the Brooks Transcend. The Transcend is a more traditional style stability shoe (I think it is replacing the Trance), but it does away with a medial post and incorporates the rounded, undercut heel of the Pure Project ( reports the Transcend to be 8mm drop and 12.2oz in size 9 ¨C pretty heavy if true!). It will also apparently have the softest cushioning in the Brooks lineup. So, the Transcend appears to be an example of a more traditional running shoe tha nike air max 2015 Trainers ukt incorporates some elements that appeared in their more minimal PureProject footwear. If the website introducing the Transcend is any indication, Brooks expects the Transcend to be a big hit. Below are some screen captures from the intro site:

Clearly the measurements I provide below aren¡¯t perfect, and a far superior way to do this would be to cut the shoe in half lengthwise and measure thickness with a calipers (which for obvious reasons, I can¡¯t justify doing to my own shoes ¨C but Newton Running has a picture posted of on nike-air-max-2013-green-black-mens.jpge of their shoes cut in this manner ¨C see below).
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