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Nike Air Max 90 Femme vente en ligneI¡¯d say the sole feel is very similar to the Lunarglide 5. Soft heel, firmer and more stable forefoot than the Peg 29. I honestly can¡¯t feel a difference in terms of stability between the LG5 and Peg 31.

I like your blog, but I¡¯m not sure how you can substantiate saying that a shoe ¡°isn¡¯t for you¡± if you have no plans of ever trying the shoe on. I am a ¡°natural¡± runner, never landing on my heels, and I LOVE running in these shoes. I¡¯m not sure why you would write off a shoe just because of a video of someone heel striking. Just because a shoe doesn¡¯t label itself as ¡°minimal¡± or ¡°reduced¡± doesn¡¯t mean you can¡¯t mid or forefoot run in it. Mo Farah trains in Nike Pegasus shoes, and he¡¯s not a heel striker¡­I just Nike Air Max 90 Homme Francehate the really snobby mentality that people have towards shoes that aren¡¯t 4mm drop or less. Just me though¡­ Yves makes some interesting points Pete!!.. well I remember our exchanges from 5 years ago! But time and experiences bring evolution, and nothing is static. My only comment would be in relation to your video.. for a not very big guy, you sure do seem to have a heavy footfall.. assuming that is you in the vid.. enough to make the treadmill shake.. and quite a pronounced double float for what appears to be a relatively slow belt speed.. thoughts?

The mimimialist movement will need to shake down the science and practice good running form ¨C it will need to counter the marketting jugganaunt behind built up shoes with facts and solid teaching. We¡¯ll also have to avoid falling into the trap of being pigion holed as niche ¡°hippy¡± market. Kudos to you Pete, this blog is part of the solution ??

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I actually disagree with Yves as I outlined in my comment to him. Lightweight trainers in the 4-8mm drop range have been my brea Nike Air Max 90 Fleursd and butter since pretty much 2009. Still the case if pressed to choose my top shoes so far this year (one of which would probably be the Hyperspeed, which I¡¯m sure you know well!). What¡¯s changed is mainly my willingness to try a wider variety of stuff.

So I think that you should seriously consider that there may be circumstances where a heavily-cushioned shoe may have benefits. Take, for example, Hoka shoes, which have a massive, thick, super-cushioned sole. So much so that when yo Air-Max-2015-Femme-Nike-Chaussures-Black-Peach-Pink-Z5QJT.jpgu first see them, you think they might be a joke.
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