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Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit sale ukYes, they¡¯re among the most popular shoes in the US as well for the same purpose. The good part is I think they are better for all day wear than most traditional running shoes given the flexibility and lower heel, so that¡¯s a plus.

The sole of the Nike Free 3.0 v5 is unchanged from v4. It has the typical grooves/siping found in all Nike Free shoes, which allow for excellent flexibility. Rubber outsole pods are only placed under the lateral heel and the big toe, though wear of the exposed midsole does not appear excessive ¨C I have about 45 miles of running on mine, and wear them casually frequently (often all day). The soles are a bit discolored, but are holding up well so far:

Hi Pete. I¡¯m in Kinvara 2¡¯s right now (I stocked up!) and I like them so I was looking at the Kinvara 4 or 5¡¯s (I have narrow Nike Roshe Run uk salefeet so a discounted 4 might still work for me). Anyways, two part question: How does the 4.0 Flyknit feel vs a Kinvara for sole flexibility when running? It looks like (cuz of the pods) it would be more flexible, which I think I might like. And 2nd, how would you compare/contrast the 4.0 Flyknit and the 3.0 v5? How would I pick one or the other from your experiences with them? Thanks!

Read your review and since been running in the v5 (volt colourway) and love them. Smooth upper. Like the newer style sole with a lot less twigs making the trip home with with me. I still think the v3 was the best feeling Free 3.0 to run in for my foot but do like this v5 a lot.

I just bought the Nike Free 3.0 and absolutely love them. I agree that the fit is tight, but I don¡¯t notice it at all when I¡¯m running. The one thing I noticed with the specs is that the 3.0 actually has more forefoot cushioning (I think it¡¯s 17mm) than the 4.0 and 5.0. This is the main reason I bought the 3.0 over the others (being a mid/forfoot striker). The sole does tend to gather small pebbles, but I¡¯ve tried them on trails and love the flexibility of them. It¡¯s going to be hard going back to normal shoes after these!

The Free 3.0 v5 is a pretty soft shoe. One of my favorite things about the Nike Free cheap saleoriginal Free 3.0 was that it made me feel like a ninja ¨C the soft sole and lack of rubber silenced my footfalls. This shoe has this same property ¨C if I¡¯m coming up behind someone walking their dog on the sidewalk I often have to make some noise to let them know I¡¯m about to pass. I¡¯ve startled enough people in my time to realize that most don¡¯t like to have someone running fast overtake them without some warning that they¡¯re there (it¡¯s a challenge when they¡¯re wearing headphone Nike Air Max 2015 Mens sales and I can¡¯t jump into the road due to traffic¡­).
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