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nike air max 90 uk TrainersWith the exception of my spikes I predominantly wear Mizuno ¨C Wave Riders for most of my steady running & Wave Musha for faster stuff & racing. I generally am a midfoot/forefoot striker who prefers fairly lightweight & neutral shoes. I¡¯m interested in the discussions around barefoot & minimalist running without ever having been keen to change dramatically due to my long streak of injury free training. I¡¯m curious to know the thoughts of Pete & others on here regarding comparisons of the Musha (which I wear) and the Universe & Ronin (which I¡¯ve never tried but have seen the reviews on here).

A lot of elite trail ultra-runners are wearing these in races. Karl Meltzer set a Hardrock 100 course record i Nike Air Max Cb uk salen them. And check out Dave Mackey¡¯s blog:

The Nike Pegasus really surprised me ¨C it¡¯s been a long time since I¡¯ve run a decent number of miles in a more traditionally structured running shoe, and the Peg 31 has been working really well. It¡¯s a great looking shoe that offers a cushy heel and responsive forefoot, and that¡¯s a good combo for me. It¡¯s more shoe than I¡¯d use in a race, but for eating up easy miles it¡¯s a fine choice.

Great question, and my answer would be a big yes. Particularly for a soft shoe on a heel striker, you sink the heel cushion in and then roll forward, so the functional drop is probably less than in a shoe with a firmer sole. This is probably why I tolerate higher drop shoes with soft heels, but don¡¯t like higher drop shoes with firm heels. So a soft zero drop shoe might actually function like a negativ Nike Air Max 2014 sale uke drop shoe for a hard heel striker.

need your help. i¡¯m planning to give my sister a shoe for her first half mary. im planning to buy this. is there a difference between a men and womens pegasus 31?

Its like an April fools joke. I don¡¯t know what took them seven years. It looks like a Wave Creation with more wave in the forefoot, does not sound to complicated to me. Unless it took seven years to make a sho nike air max 2015 mens uk onlinee that is so overbuilt runnable, that may be the case.
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