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Nike Dunk Sky Hi Femmesthen just yesterday i noticed i cross my legs whenever i am working at my desk. i cross my right leg over my left out of habit- don¡¯t know why i even started sitting this way. but i think this could be the cause as my right IT is being stretched (or over stretched).

Is the pain on the side of your knee? If it is ITBS, could be shoes, could be something else that is the cause (e.g., hip strength or running mechanics). Any shoe labeled as a stability shoe should be firmer than the Nimbus. Brooks Adrenaline, Saucony Guide might be shoes to try.

Just wanted to thank everyone for the helpful comments and stories. My wife and I have both been suffering from ITBS for quite some time now. We lov Nike-Air-Max-90-VT-Homme-Navy-Camo.jpge to run, but thought we¡¯d have to give it up. We¡¯re getting serious this week about a strengthening program and will also look into trying a more neutral shoe. We will comment back on our progress. Have a 1/2 Marathon coming up quickly. Thanks again for the tips!

I switch shoes often b/c I run 50-80 mpw, so the lifespan of most shoes is less than 6 weeks in my rotation; thus, it is difficult to say which, if any shoe is the culprit.

So last month I decided to get rid of the supportive shoes and bought me a pair of Kinvara¡¯s, after reading similar stories like this one. The first run went great. I ran 3.2 km (about 2 miles) without any pain. Then I got a bit overenthousiastic and did a lot of running in the week after. The IT band got irritated again. And now even on both legs. I think (and hope) it¡¯s because of my overentousiasm. The first run really felt great. So I¡¯m building it up very slowl Nike Air Max 90 Pas Chery now. Ofcourse going from supportive and cushioned to neutral and minimalistic shoes is a big step and requires some patience, so I will just try to build things up very slowly from here.

No real news, only that the sports doctor feels that with the current condition, exercises and training program, it should really be over in about four weeks. I¡¯m doing the correct exercises, stretching and he was also convinced that I was wearing the correct shoes and having the correct gait. So Nike Air Max 90 Femme Pas Cher, let¡¯s see what another four weeks will bring me. :-)
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