Not able to send email on Bigpond, How to Fix This

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Problems like ‘not able to send emails’ are very common and happens almost regularly. These type of errors are caused by many factors which need immediate attention and resolve. If kept neglected over a long period of time, it might result in the compilation of many more problems. It happens with all emails like Yahoo, Gmail, and AT&T etc. and recently there have been many complains by Bigpond users saying they are not able to send emails. While a lot of the time it is because of online server issues being down or recent password changes and wrong domain name. These causes are very easy to rectify and it can be resolved through the application of some simple steps like checking the server, inputting the correct password etc. But there are times when this error could be related to your IMAP and POP settings. When it is caused by the improper server settings, the task becomes a little hectic as many do not know the correct details for their incoming and outgoing server settings. But this also can be settled if you keep reading this blog, as it contains the details explained in an easy to understand manner. So if you want to know how you can solve the problem of not able to send emails on Bigpond, give this blog a read.

Keep this method of changing the server settings as the last resort. If you can resolve the issue through the basic methods, you can skip this method. But if you are still not able to send emails via Bigpond you need to make the following changes to your email server settings.

Set the account type to IMAP and change the incoming mail server to ‘’.
After that, change the outgoing server to ‘’. Make sure to tick the SSL and password is required for authentication.
Now, set your outgoing mail server to ‘’ and tick the ‘use authentication’ box.
The server port number for the outgoing mail should be set to 25 and the incoming port number must be 995.
Make sure to save the changes and apply them before exiting.
These are the necessary server setting changes you need to make in order to send emails on your Bigpond email service. If you still can’t send emails through Bigpond, you can contact the executives at Bigpond technical support.

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