Research company SuperData today created its report for 2016, revealing how much cash video games introduced during the year, while a 2nd report discusses November 2016 specifically.Overall, SuperData reported that gaming software totaled $91 billion in 2016, with mobile games comprising the biggest chunk, at $41 billion. Check out your chart below to discover a further breakdown of how revenue eradicated this year between platforms and sources.

"New categories like virtual reality, esports, and gaming video content, while still relatively small in proportions, hold a significant promise for 2017 while they seek to hook up to the growing audience for interactive entertainment," SuperData said.

Mobile revenue was driven by big-name games like Pokemon Go and Clash Royale, the organization said, though no specifics were provided about how exactly much they made.

Virtual reality would be a big storyline in 2016, with FIFA 19 Coins Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR all debuting this current year. Oculus Rift faced quite a few challenges this current year, SuperData said, adding who's expects HTC and Sony (despite dramatic forecast downgrades) to emerge since the top VR companies in 2017."A high price, the absence of a powerful content lineup, and complications with properly delivering through retail cooled consumers' expectations with the Oculus," SuperData said. "We expect firms with an increase of experience in hardware manufacturing like Sony and HTC to accept lead in 2017."

The SuperData report also implies that people are downloading games for their consoles greater than in earlier times, spending $6.6 billion of this type in 2016.In addition to Buy FIFA 19 Coins for your full-year report, SuperData shared figures for November 2016 alone, saying digital revenue arrived at $6.7 billion, up 13 percent as compared to November 2015.

"Mobile, premium PC, console, and free-to-play MMO experienced year-over-year growth, with console seeing the most important gain of 35 percent a result of the release of FPS blockbuster Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and sustained revenues from Battlefield 1," SuperData said.

Infinite Warfare sales, while still reportedly strong, were down in comparison with 2015's Call of Duty: Black Ops III. According to SuperData the downturn was 27 percent.

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