Now ill expand on Albion with resources

Now ill expand on this with resources, Lets say Queenmarket has 200% more lumber Resource in thar area by 50% reduction on everything else, while Kingmarket area side has higher 200% increase metal resource and 50% reduction of everything else.
Now this means thats there supply for Lumber in Queensmarket is high and metal will be in high demand due to the scarcity of it in the area so Lumber will be inexpensive in Queensmarket and metal would be expensive due to how supply and demand works, where Kinsmarket will have inexpensive metal and expensive wood so you can trade run wood useing Ox's from queenspool to kingmarket sell it for say double the amount u can buy it from the AH in queenmarket the stock up on metal and bring it back to queensmarket for profit aswell, welcome to the world of Viable trade runs with Albion Online Silver. Now there a small problem there risk involved in these passes since u need to pass through full loot pvp zone aka the red and black zones so that merchant will most likly get guards or hire mercenaries to protect them on there trade runs and split some profit, Now we have real world economies that happened years ago in the world.

Don't have blind faith. They are human. They have a design in mind. No doubt about it. Just don't stop giving them feedback. This won't be perfect at release. It won't ever be perfect because nothing in this life is. It can be better though as long as they are willing to keep reevaluating and tweaking. The problem with making changes that affect a game's economy is that it sometimes takes a while for it to roll downhill. If you over tweak, you can make things worse. It takes patience, and for goodness sake, don't change multiple things at once. If you do that, you won't know what worked or what didn't work.

I'm not for centralizing the markets, but feel that the game in its current state without some form of fast travel won't work. I'm not sure "how" to do it correctly, but the poster above is correct... waste people's time and they'll find another game that doesn't.

If someone wants to craft and has to either spend 3 hours running around to put the items on a few different AH's or find himself not able to sell his goods, that would cause people to leave to Buy AO Silver. People don't want another "job". We play these to get away from work for a bit every day.

Maybe allow ppl fast travel within smaller regions, but not the whole world? This would likely be a happy medium. It lets ppl access a few banks, but not them all, and it would especially work if they have one part of the world that produce trees, others produce rock, others, fur, etc.. The "region" would be known for a type of material, but still differentiate.

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