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not do was focus on all of FIFA Coins its first-party titles in its E3 conference; for example, the Platinum Games-developed Project P-100 was absent from its E3 press conference, despite being one of only a handful of titles the company had ready to show. "We're really excited about" P-100, he says, "but we had to make some hard decisions."Working with DevelopersSome of those hard decisions clearly came because the company felt compelled to showcase the lineups of third party

-- particularly Warner Bros. and Ubisoft. Does this mean the company getting better at trove flux communicating with third parties? "A combination of first and third party games... will make this system have a good launch," Scibetta says. "All these developers and publishers are making games that really take advantage of" the system's unusual new gamepad. "When a publisher creates a game experience that is custom... that's when you really see the magic happen," he says. Scibetta is also happy to

ports of games such as Batman: Arkham City and Mass Effect 3 -- "The most important thing is if it takes care of what the system is doing" by using the gamepad, asymmetric multiplayer, and the Miiverse online functionality. However, Scibetta admits, "the best games are custom-built," so "we give a lot of support" to developers and publishers. "We want to see their ideas come to life on the system," he says. "And they're excited, because if you're a game developer, you want your

to come to life on the best system possible." The Wii U "gives them options they've never had before," he suggests. But just as with consumers, it's a bit of an uphill battle to get developers on board, he admits. "It's our job to try and get them to understand why it's cool, it's exciting, and it's new," he says, regarding its Miiverse social online functionality. "And it is new."What Nintendo Does HaveIf there is an advantage for Nintendo, it's that it is Nintendo. More than either of the

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