Path of Exile can melt shaper in the few seconds

is fun, i only could master one guardian therefore didn't even try shaper although i obtained a 6 link belly on the beast and starforge in the end in the league, that is ok because of the invested playtime. we still have goals for that next league.

the problem mafia wars has is POE Trade mdreames of folks jumping around the overpowered stuff straight away, streamers ftw!!

I think all dreams are reasonable... including the xp... because I just hate it when it's too all to Cheap POE Currency easy to reach the final goal. IMO it can be stupid that some skills can melt shaper in the few seconds... so I would dream them aswell.

The wonderful thing about PoE is the fact there are really many solutions for just a problem. F.e. you will find so many methods for you to make a build visble without VP.

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