Path of Exile should take into consideration

Anyone familiar with all the market within the MMO game Atlantica? Best trading environment of the game I've ever played.

Features of industry:

- No direct interaction between players.
- Can sell items whether online or offline.
- Set an amount on a product or service, plus the price decays with time.
- Unsold items (where price decays to zero) are flagged ... (for your purposes of POE, could set an alternative to have these auto-vendored)

Something that should take into POE Items consideration ... it might be the case that GGG doesn't need to grease the wheels of this market.

An inefficient market means more stash tab sales for him or her. LOTS MORE! I had over 40 stash to Buy POE Items tabs before Delve, yet wound up buying another 6 premium stash tabs to manage sales (or lack there of).

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