PlayStation 4 Review in Progress: Madden 19

We have a home in strange when we don't use a Ridge Racer or even a Koei Warriors game within a console launch lineup. Left standing is EA Sports' Madden, specifically the PlayStation 4 version of the MUT 19 Coins . Unlike with last year's unfortunate Madden NFL 13 within the Wii U, there is no indication that any features on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions were deleted inside PS4 game. When paging throughout the multiple menus of modes, I'm reminded of how fully featured Madden 19 was at its initial launch, on the new Connected Franchise mode to Ultimate Team.

If another thing can sum up sports games in 2013, it's this is the year in the foot plant. Seeing players stop for just a microsecond to plant their feet to Buy MUT 19 Coins improve directions can be a subtle but huge change. It looks like athletes are in fact running within the field or court.

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