Preferably t5 vet/elite Albion dungeons

We did two T6 necro portals back to back a couple days ago. We weren't able to finish either portal dungeon before the 2 hour timer was up, but still made 70k fame in 4 hours of grinding. (the last 2 hours without any food buffs)

It's a lot more fun than 5-manning a T7 solo dungeon, although that still remains the best fame per hour, hands down. And it's a lot more fame than the T6 blue vet morgana dungeons, which (while super fun and super challenging) provide very low fame returns, creating a very unfavorable risk vs reward factor.

Wearing stealth gear, get into vet/elite undead dungeon, use stealth to bypass all mobs and go to the big melee mob grps, switch gear, AOE them, get tons of silver and fame per grp, (and in the future gems), rinse repeat., t5, t6 works like a charm, waiting to see how t7s are.

Preferably t5 vet/elite dungeons in yellow zones by far, risk free, no item trashing, light a cig, scratch your b*lls, afk, w/e, The richest guy around without even buying gold. t6+ in multiple gear sets and weapons, not a single LP spent yet.

Let the "poor" guys farm vet/elite Morganas in red/black zones of albion online silver farming, wipe after wipe, for 1/3 - 1/4 the fame and silver per hour.

Honestly, when we get a good aoe group we prefer to do necro t5 instead of t6, since it has no ghouls and you can mob like crazy. Today we did a really good group (with 6.2+) and did the dungeon in a hour and few minutes. Got like 55k fame.

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