Review: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Patch 2.4) 3

Yes, a Dark Knight tank job and presumably a healer will arrive from the expansion next season, but saving the ninja for later and adding a much-needed class now would've made queues better. Having stated that, I've never had as entertaining FATE grinding as I had leveling my Ninja. Everyone was friendly, also it's a riot to Buy FFXIV Gil determine 24+ Ninjas rip apart a FATE boss, running around the planet using Mudra magic. FATEs will still be a viable technique of leveling, so while dungeon queues were a bummer, the worldwide comradery of leveling out from the world taught me to be like the community very much more.

Endgame content with all the Ninja can be a blast. Not only does it use a few perks as being a teleport plus an inherently faster move speed, nonetheless it also incorporates a ton of full party buffs making it worth using a coveted raid slot.

There’s the trailer which goes a means to explain what the hell is taking place, nevertheless the FAQ for the website explains it significantly better.


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