Riders of Icarus: Me and Nitroman714 the OP

I'm not going to play armchair developer and claim that this would be an easy change by Riders of Icarus Gold, but I know that its at least possible since I've seen several other MMOs which originally had various types of barter currency start as character-bound inventory items and later transition those items to be stored in an account-wide "wallet".

Totally agree on this. Me and Nitroman714 the OP are real life friends and have been on mmo's since ultima online. I have played them all and never liked the free to play model. If I really like a game I don't mind paying for it. We got in the beta and really loved the game that's why we dropped the $90 on the game. I left Dragons prophet because of the constant nickel and dimeing you at every turn. Please don't turn this into a game like that. I would be willing to buy more ellun for my alts if the ellun was account wide or tradeable to alts on your account. But I will not buy it for every alt I have! So in the long run this is gonna hurt them from making more money on the game.

I want to spend money on the market and buy ellun. If my characters need it. I just don't want to have to buy it for all my alts. Lets say 200 ellun is $20 why should I have to spend $20 on all my alts to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. I should be able to send some to the other alts at time of purchase or from the box you get your purchases from.

I have really high hopes for the game! And I bought the $90 legendary founders pack. But I will not spend more money on it if I have to buy ellun for all my alts. And the game will not make as much money as it could have. Still gonna play it and enjoy the game:)

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