Right now magic users lost their only good elite mount for sealing. It's imbalanced how physical users have so many good elite mounts to choose from, while magic users don't have a single good elite mount to seal in Parna's Coast.

Similar imbalance is with heroic mounts in Parna's Coast. Physical users can get good mounts from instanced dungeons, while magic users only have 1 good mount that's open-world so it will be exactly the same as with Garme - 30 people trying to jump on the mount's back to tame him.

Considering the seal options for magic users were extremely limited with these Icarus Gold the game, I sincerely hope they have changed sealed stats on other mounts if they aren't planning to put these in the game, otherwise magic users are going to be screwed and even more limited like they were during the 25 cap.

Not to mention they have made more work for themselves in the future as these were required for taming familiars in the next zone as well, which they will have to adjust.

I played other versions of Icarus, and I noticed we're missing at least 2 Elite mounts in Parna's Coast...

I would like to hear a reason why they were removed Riders of Icarus Gold. My theory is, Nexon noticed their sealed stats are too OP and removed them because people wouldn't want to tame the Heroic mounts otherwise, meaning Nexon wouldn't be able to sell their Heroic Seal Stone Extractors.

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