Sex Talk Audio and Lots of Cocaine

I’m so lucky that I’m a hottie. I’m sexy with dangerous curves and I never have to pay for drugs. Dealers get me high for free because I trade sex for cocaine. I’ll fuck a whole room of thugs for a good high. I do a bump of nose candy and my pussy starts to throb from anticipation. Cocaine makes me so fucking horny. Look at my body, could you deny me?

I can deep-throat a big dick and only gag a little because I’m a dick sucking professional. Pull your phone out and record me acting like a slut, I don’t mind. I see you looking at my tits. I know you all love sex talk audio stories. Do you want to titty-fuck me? Put your hard cock between my tits and I’ll hold them together and move my body up and down. Keep me high and feeling good and I’ll let you do anything to me.

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