Network devices are designed in such manner that they identify the device through MAC (Media Access Control) address. The main task of MAC address filtering is to keep your wireless network secure. Basically, it is the part of the configuration of the wireless router. To learn more about how to access the wireless router configuration settings please consult from HP Printer Contact Number UK@ 0808-169-3104 (Toll-Free) team. After getting the access do one of the following:

• It is recommended that you should disable MAC address filtering.

• Or otherwise find your Printer’s Mac address and then add it to the devices which are allowed to access the network.

The printer which have both wireless and Ethernet capability, usually have unique MAC Address. One for wireless network adaptor and other one is for Ethernet network adaptor. So, choose the one that suits your usage. In case, you are not sure, which one is correct for you then add both to be safe, and consult from experts on our toll-free helpline. We will give you detail knowledge about MAC address filtering and its settings.For more information visit the site

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