The Choice Is Yours

The choice is yours. You can be a good whore and make ice proud by pimping your holes out for me and my xxx sites, or you can resist and be beaten to a bloody pulp. I like whores who try to put up a fight and ready to do ageplay phone sex with fun. It makes it much more pleasurable to send you off with some of the nastiest clients I have. I like catering to a broad range audience. My blue collar fellas and the truckers in the next town over.

I have some elite customers, and if you are a good whore, you will not be subjected to the grunt of gross clients. I like shipping off a self-righteous brat to a nasty p cock loving neanderthal. I will make sure you see both spectrums. Play nice for ice and do your job right and it will surely be a much better experience. I am all about making my coins and so should you. I always get the more significant cut, but I will grant you a not so gross client if you are an excellent escort whore for me.

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