The first half of the maddenvip

The first 45 minutes, the first time in the first 62 minutes, the new aid Herrera instigated, Ashley - Yang Chuan, the new star James outflanking Tuishe to Madden Mobile Coins seal the victory; the first 63 Minutes, Herrera once again instigated, Ashley - Yang shot was blocked, James shot again scored twice. The last moment, Ashley - Young also scored twice in a short time, two goals are from the new aid Herrera's assists.

The game is Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins Manchester United's first pre-season warm-up match, but also Van Gaal entered the Red Devils played the first open game. Manchester United in 1950 will have visited the history of Los Angeles, but also following the 2011-12 season once again pre-season warm-up series arranged in the United States. As the former Manchester United star Beckham had played the club, the Los Angeles Galaxy team still has Robi - Keane,

Donovan this star, which Robbie - Keane is starting in the campaign. Los Angeles Galaxy last time in the Rose Bowl game or 2010, when they were 2-3 Real Madrid reversal, and the previous year they lost to the score of 1-2 Barcelona team. The game, Van Gaal discharged 3412 formation, the two new aid Herrera, Luke - Shaw starting lineup, the front line is still Villebeck and Rooney partner.

The first half of the maddenvip opening, Manchester United after the field pass the ball a little more mistakes. The first 3 minutes, Stefan - Shi Qi in the restricted area on the right side of the oblique missed the bottom line. 2 minutes later, Herrera Road 28 meters outside the shot, Pei Nate flying the ball out of the ball. 8 minutes, Welbeck pick Mata wonderful pass within the restricted area Tuishe angle is too positive,

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