The function of fuse in inverter design

The fuse’s function is to protect the power inverter. Short circuit or other malfunction cause by wrong connect and reverse connect when using power inverter. Among them reverse connect and shot connect is mostly cause power inverter manufacturers damage to inverter. So, normally how much power inverter need external fuse terminal? Power just below 1000w won’t with external fuse terminal. The inverter power greater than 1000w no matter pure sine wave inverter or modified sine wave inverter all will with external fuse terminal equipment. For easy to installation and replace. The inverter series SIA 200w~300w from Hanfong tech-a power inverter manufacturers. provide internal fuse protection. And 500w~1500w provide external fuse protection. for inverter to provide extremely affordable.


So it is the primary cause in the design of inverter to add external fuse terminal, hence we can replace fuse very convenient, it is a very expedient design in solar inverter manufacturers design. after read this article hope you can have a further understanding of the fuse function in power inverter.

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