The question is maddenvip

The question is Madden Mobile Coins whether Van Persie is really in mind at Manchester United Recently rumors, said the Dutch on Ferguson returned to the old home is very disappointed, Moyes no matter what the concept of leadership or employment strategy with the summer commitment does not match, the news of the general break is not news, and whether to return to Arsenal Generals also ambiguous attitude.

Van Persie Premiership into Cheapest madden 18 coins the 0.68 ball more than C Luo's 0.52 ball more, but the last five appearances only a ball recorded, the Olympiakos shot can save the team's single-handed ball, the performance is lack of enthusiasm on the field at all, if His role is only bullying Crystal Palace such a low degree of travel, it might as well let a new gun to try to try. Winning can cover up some problems, but the existence of the problem does not solve sooner or later one day will break out.

Today, Manchester United away 3-0 victory over West Brom, perhaps Moyes will feel a good good, keep the league winning streak and three consecutive zero closure. But Van Persie gave the outside world left some topics, the Dutch front will send assists, but he fled the red card and a departure Rooney will immediately break the discussion topic.

Van Persie this summer is to go to Maddenvip stay, a big question mark suspended in the air. Van Persie in the summer of 2012 to join Manchester United is to go to Ferguson, hoping to get more honors, but plans to change faster, Sir Alex Ferguson in the summer last year, the end of the legendary coaching career, the pointer to the Moyes. The results of Moyes one,

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