Ways of Dealing with a Know-It-All Attitude

In our lives, we meet hundreds of people of different natures and personalities. Each person is different from one another and we have to accept them as they are to continue our relations. But there are some people who possess a know-it-all attitude and these types of persons are simply irritating. It is hard to be in any relationship with them as they are not the normal persons. These types of people think that they know each and everything and have the answers to all the questions. They consider themselves the smartest but many times these persons prove themselves wrong. This is due to their over-efficiency and a know-it-all attitude. So, if this type of person is your co-worker, a neighbor, a friend or a stranger, keep in mind the following guidelines to deal with him in the most appropriate manner.

• If a know-it-all person is in front of you and telling you about the consequences of smoking then don’t take it personally if you are addicted to smoke. Have this attitude in every scenario when dealing with this kind of person. You are also aware of the consequences of smoking but he might be giving you an advice or he loves you so he is caring you more. Always be calm and never give a negative response to your actions.

• Arguing is not good at all. I know that sometimes these people irritate so much that it becomes difficult to listen their every point. But if you argue then they may come hard at you so ignore their points and keep them talking until they stop if you have more than enough patience. They will never listen to your points or suggestions and always come to you with another heavy point.

• Give them importance. The more you value their opinion and thoughts, the more they will easily adjust to you.Appreciate them for their wide array of knowledge and listen to them carefully, no matter what they are saying to you.

• Another way of tackling these persons is to give little but enough attention. If you give more attention so it may result in more uninvited advice.

• If a know-it-all person is giving you some suggestions for completing any work or activity, answer him with a ‘special thanks’ and that is all. This may help you in stopping the on-going conversation.

• Clarity and decisiveness are important for you. Express yourself in front of the know-it-all person with these qualities. These types of persons have the habit of interference so if they do so, reformulate your plans accordingly.

• There is another way of tackling a know-it-all friend by simply ignoring him or her. If he is speaking to you, start talking with someone else.

• Avoidance is another best technique. If he is your friend then avoid those places to visit where he goes frequently. Just avoid and it will surely make things better.

• Last but not the least way of dealing with know-it-all persons is to stick to your one statement. For example, if he is forcing you to go to bowling at a different place where you don’t want to go then simply stick to your point that I want to play here and that is all. Repeat your statement over and over again to stop his influence on you.

In the end, a know-it-all attitude is something very irritating so most of the people totally avoid the company of those persons. But if he is your friend, a cousin or a co-worker, take help of the above-mentioned guidelines to deal him effectively.

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