Where to customize iPhone 8 case?

Almost everyone will use mobile phone shell, since it can play a multiple role. Now phone case customize has become more and more usual in daily work. No matter what brands, models and types, the professional mobile phone accessories dealers can always meet users’ request. For example, the business card, two-dimensional code printed on Samsung, Apple iPhone phone shell, let it become a communication tool. Even the corporate culture can be printed on the phone case to give customers, as a gift with effort and some marketing purposes.

Today is the era of pursuing individuality, regardless of clothing or jewelry only personalized products will attract the attention of consumers. With the popularity of large-screen smart phones, custom phone shell has become a standard personalized configuration. And different from previous finished mobile phone case the personalized custom phone case was added with photo, signature, two-dimensional code, LOGO and other customer-specific elements, was made into a unique custom phone shell. Because it is tailored, highlight the personality, so favored by consumers.

Apple iPhone 8 release time:
Usually new Apple phone is officially announced on Tuesday and Wednesday in early September. That is likely to happen after this year's September 1 Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show in Germany, it means that it may be on September 5 Tuesday or September 6 Wednesday when the new iPhone 8 will be released. Now you can plan to purchase a phone shell priced at as low as 10 USD including shipping by local warehoused direct delivery from Cell Phone Age com.

This time Apple is likely to launch three mobile phones, and the design is said to be completely different than the iPhone 7, Apple once every two years a big stack, but this time Apple will not launch iPhone 7s, but directly on the iPhone 8 series mobile phone, there is a special edition of the tenth anniversary, using a comprehensive screen design, and has a lot of fresh elements, including wireless charging, 3D recognition sensor, OLED screen and so on.

In addition, the news that the iPhone 8 will have three kinds of storage space options, namely 64GB, 256GB and 512GB, the price will exceed 8000+ RMB, and due to capacity problems, the initial supply of iPhone 8 will be very limited, the third quarter Yield or not more than 5 million. And the tenth anniversary of the special version of the mobile phone function supply will be more scarce, and the price is expected to exceed 1000 US dollars, many respondents said it was too expensive, no purchase of the image, according to foreign media survey, the purchase of the image of less than two users, Apple will be how to deal with.

IPhone 8 listing will make iPhone 7 prices loose
Users who have chosen to buy iPhone 7 can also be regarded as the iPhone 8 potential user groups. If the iPhone 7 reduces price to promote its sales growth, then the current is undoubtedly dilute the future sales of iPhone 8. During current time, Apple's pressure is not only on the iPhone 8 sales, but also in the current problem of iPhone 7 is being sold difficult in the Greater China region. After all, the next two quarters of earnings data can’t be too ugly. But in the current, iPhone7 sales is with some improvement, which comes from the current Apple's many sales channels are decreasing price to clear inventory, for the iPhone 8 to stock space.

Latest news on iPhone 8
Today we have seen the new concept of "iPhone 8" rendering, this set of concept rendering from the designer Quinton Theron. The designer's rendering of the "iPhone 8" has several colors, including black, white, rose gold and gold, although the latest news that "iPhone 8" will only have three colors, they are black, white and new Copper and gold.

It is worth mentioning that the designer also for the concept of rendering designed of a clownfish theme wallpaper, which seems to be a tribute to the first generation of iPhone default wallpaper. After all, this year is the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone. In addition to the "iPhone 8", the designer also created an "iPhone 8 Edition" rendering, which uses a ceramic shell what very white and bright. However, we have not heard of Apple recently for the new generation of iPhone uses ceramic material, although Apple has applied patents for the ceramic shell.

The upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to bring unprecedented changes to Apple. If rumors come true, then you buy an iPhone 8 will own features including wireless charging, facial recognition, edge display and front full-screen display of the new Apple phone. Currently from mobile phone accessories store Cell Phone Age Com it will cost less than 10 USD to customize creating a unique appearance of phone case for iPhone 8 to dress up. You may not miss this chance to prepare for new iPhone in advanced.

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