Whose multiplayer resides on mmogo

, Microsoft has asserted that Windows 8 will not fully support XNA, the SDK used to make most XBLIG. XNA is almost universally loved by its userbase - it's pretty much the only Microsoft product you can say that about. But Microsoft is essentially killing it off FIFA Coins. Five years from now, if I want to play an XBLIG that I've purchased, what can I do about that? Microsoft may e up with a stopgap solution -- but what about 20 years from now?There's an even larger problem with

whose multiplayer resides on trove flux private servers. Most games have some content that is only accessible through multiplayer, and when those private servers shut down, that functionality is forever lost. MMOs that shut down tend to give players credits toward future games, which is a small concession (I say, if I payed 40 cents for a Purple Sword of Smiting, I want to keep it).But then there are games like EA Sports MMA. That game came with an online pass, which was the only way to

the game's online content. It came free with new boxed copies of the game, but used players had to buy one in order to gain access. The MMA servers were shut down in March, and content people paid for was lost forever.I live still!At a certain point, beyond the human drama and cries of money wasted on the consumer side, this bees a preservation issue. The teams that made these games worked hard on these creations -- if people can't play them, how much do we really care about our art?

We live in a plex digital landscape, and greater efforts should be made to preserve the experience of these games. If we had anywhere near the preservation efforts seen in other industries, I would be able to play EA's MMA title 20 years into the future if I wanted to.Preservation has largely been left to well-intentioned hackers, ROM-dumpers, and coders of emulators. There are private groups like OnlineConsoles., for example, which continue to privately serve games from the Dreamcast and at https://www.mmogo.com/

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