Why Are Belly Band Holsters So Amazing

Belly Band Holsters have been an economical choice for many gun owners wanting to holster their weapon securely. Used by many law enforcement officials and hobbyists, the belly holsters have proven it to be a reliable, cost effective choice for the daily grind of keeping a weapon on a persons body.

The belly hand holsters are high riding and extremely low profile. These holsters weigh just a couple of ounces and do not require any maintenance and are made of a near indestructible plastic.


What Makes The Belly Band Holster So Amazing?

1. Paddle:

The paddle on Belly Band Holsters do not require a belt and have a lip that slips into the inside of the users pants. Paddle holsters are very versatile and provide a very easy way for the carrier to add or remove the holster from the body.

2. Comes with an Elastic Belt:

The Belly Band Holsters require an elastic belt to securely attach to the users body. These Belt holsters are considered to be more secure however because of the additional security it is more difficult to remove or add the holster to the body.

3.Are Roto-holsters:

Some Belly Band Holsters have a roto feature which provides the ability to angle the holster to any degree. The holster is secured by an Allen screw which needs to be tightened once the holster is angled in the correct position. The roto feature does cause some of the concealability to be lost on the holsters. The holster is a little wider from the hip outward in order to accommodate the roto feature.

Belly Band Holsters are able to attach to the Belly Harness System. This makes the Roto version advantageous for a gun carrier who wishes to have an option to holster the weapon on their body or on a shoulder rig. Any roto-belt or roto paddleBelly Band Holster has the ability to attach to the Belly Harness.

Even though these belly holsters are a very economical choice ,you should not be fooled by the low price tag. Belly Band Holsters are considered the pioneer in injection molded holsters. They provide the user with a long lasting holster that can take a severe beating and still stay in tact.

4.Comes with a great warranty:

Some belly Band Holsters come with a no questions asked life time warranty. You break it they repair it. The warranty is unconditional and I know on a personal level they will honor almost anything. You can write to the manufacturers direct if you have any issues with their holsters.

5.Comes in different Models:

Belly Band Holsters have many new models being release on a frequent basis be sure to check websites for better holster models and updated options if the weapon you own does not currently fit any of the models offered by the Holster.

Your choice of design shows what kind of personality you have. If have a conservative taste, you may end up choosing holsters that come in plain solid colors. However, if you are more of a cowboy fan, then pretty sure, you will be inclined with buying one of those western gun holsters from the market. Again it's your choice! Just make sure that you do not compromise the design for quality.

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