In World of Warcraft, Vol'jin is proved to become one of the most vital characters, and it truly is quite impressive, taking into consideration the troll Warchief died at the starting on the last expansion - the Legion.

Right after Vol'jin was stabbed to death by demon around the Broken Shore, he told us along with the Horde leaders that his god, the Loa, had granted him a vision: Sylvanas Windrunner need to step out on the shadows and lead the Horde. This went quite well up until the end with the Legion, when Sylvanas started to enter the Battle of Azeroth by invading the Night Elf capital of Darnassus and burning it to the ground to ensure that no one else could get their hands around the magical mineral of Azerite.

Vol'jin returned for the Battle of Azeroth. Very first, we brought his cockroaches towards the Loa of Death, Bwonsamdi; Bwonsamdi and Vol'jin made a deal in life, and Bwonsamdi now wants to talk to the guy that he’s dead. As soon as we bring his urn to Bwonsamdi, we find that... it was empty. There's no soul.

Inside the lately added quest, we got a pleasant ending to that mystery: Vol'jin has come to be a spirit, and stood side by side with Zandalari Royal Talanji just after we cleared the very first raid tier, Uldir.

In patch 8.1, the Tides of Vengeance, Horde players started to ask such queries: Wait, what occurred to Vol'jin that created him a spirit? Why did he make Sylvanas Warchief again when that appears to have been the worst attainable option? To resolve this concern, Horde players accompany Vol'jin to talk to Bwomsandi, Bolvar Fordragon (who is at present serving as the undead, clearly up-to-no-good Lich King) as well as the Queen of the Val'kyr, Eyir. Because of WoWhead's data mining, we can find out what conversations these lore powerhouses have - despite the fact that as normally, be conscious that the information content is topic to adjust prior to hitting reside servers.

Initial, we talk to Vol'jin about why he place Sylvanas on the throne. He mentioned that many people did not understand in the time, and because it turned out, even he was confused.

In short, he doesn't remember why he produced the choice, or who talked to him... so we visit figure it out. Bwomsandi denied it; Sylvanas kept the souls of what she killed, so they did not have very good terms. Bolvar has not too long ago encountered some pretty undesirable items, for example invading the Paladin halls and killing the Red Dragons, but he is not a fan of Sylvanas. Eyir, the Queen from the Val’kyr, stated that somebody has saved the spirit of Vol'jin, from what ever manipulated him, but she did not know who it was.

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